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Wonderful service-very reliable and knowledgeable! I would be very hesitant to leave my pets with anyone else--especially my elderly diabetic cat. My vet and my daughter introduced to this service and I am very pleased!

Patti L. – Neenah

We started using NEVER Home Alone Pet Sitter when we got our puppy (4 months old) just recently. We are so pleased with their services. Tim comes to our house a few days a week and our dog loves him! In less than a month, our puppy not only knows "sit, down and come" but thanks to Tim, he can already "shake" on command. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. They are exceptional people who truly enjoy spending time with pets.

Laurie K – Neenah

I have been using Mimi's services for over a year - every time we travel - and recommend her highly.

I have 4 large dogs which can be a handful (a Golden Retriever, a Bernese, an Akita and a Newfoundland). Mimi and her crew have been absolutely wonderful. The dogs have been very well taken care of, happy and relaxed every time we return home. In our case, she comes 4 times a day to feed, play and let them out and leaves detailed notes after each visit. The dogs love her and are able to stay in the comfort of our home, which is great.

I have absolutely no concerns or worries when I know Mimi is watching them. We have had no issues at all. She is conscientious, trustworthy and cares for our pets as if they were her own.

I am certain you will be delighted with her services.
~Dina Elliot Appleton,  WI

Our miniature dachshund, Lucy, now 6 years old, had never been left with anyone other than family members.  When the occasion arose for all of the family to take a trip together, we began looking for care for Lucy.  Lucy does fine as long as she is in her own home and can sleep in "the big bed" under the covers at night, but finding someone who would visit during the day, and sleep over with Lucy at night was a bit daunting.  We were thrilled when Mimi came for an introductory visit and Lucy jumped into her lap.  Mimi seemed unfazed by our request that she sleep in our home, with Lucy tucked under the covers with her.  Lucy  has seizures and requires twice daily medication which Mimi was able to administer.  We also had five gerbils which luckily sleep in their own cage!  On our return, Lucy was relaxed, healthy, and happy; the gerbils were well cared for; and Mimi had left detailed notes of her visits.  Our neighbors, all of whom know Lucy, commented on how happy she seemed when they saw her strolling with Mimi.  We have added two cats to our family and they look forward to meeting Mimi as well.  We highly recommend Mimi's services, and would be happy to serve as a reference.
~Polly and Tom Snodgrass, Appleton,  WI

I have so many good things to say about Mimi and the business she runs. it's not just a business to her it is truly taking care of your animals as if they were her own.
she was referred to me by a co worker and I am so happy and lucky to have found her to take care of my 4 precious cats when I am unable to. Mimi has exceeded my expectations. she not only took care of my cats while I was away but she took take of my house, my mail and my fish. when I arrived home from my vacation I was pleasantly surprised at what Mimi had done. she keep a daily journal of everything she did how she bonded and played with each one of the cats. my pets are like my children and I worry about them when I'm gone. she made me feel at ease and I was able to have a worry free vacation. I have worked in the customer service field for 20 some years and I have to say that I am impressed. it's not often you find someone who gives great service, comfort and security. I would just like to say THANK YOU MIMI for taking care of my babies. I would highly recommend you to everyone one I talk to and that is why I found Mimi.....by referral. : )

~Teri Vorachek, Appleton,  WI

We have been clients of NHAPS for over 2 years and know that our dogs are safe and happy.

We have 3 small dogs and they greet Mimi and her staff with licks and smooches and the "girls" enjoy playing with them.  Mimi's diary and safety checks are value added services that give us great peace of mind.  We look forward to having NHAPS in our and our dogs lives for a long time to come.  

~Jerry and Ann Manke, Appleton, WI

Mimi and her crew are just awesome!  I have two little yorkies who are spoiled rotten and never leave my side, so they need lots of love and attention while I am gone. I do lots of weekend trips and spend a lot of hours working.  NHAPS has always been there for us.
My little boy is a bit timid but they have all done very well with him. Mimi has taken care of a sick yorkie for me and administered meds as needed, and helped with my little girl who was being a picky eater for a while. She has done a great job with them and I wouldn’t trust anyone else. She is always available when I need her and I know that I can always count on her. It is a weight lifted off of my shoulders knowing we can leave town and not have to worry about the little ones at home.
I have referred  NHAPS to a few friends and they just love her too. Too bad NHA PS doesn’t travel to Minneapolis – my brother needs a good dog sitter like you!
My babies just love the play time and the “smooch sessions” (as she calls them).  They don’t mind when I have to be away.  They know they are left in good hands.

~Teresa Sliwicki, Appleton, WI

"I don't mind at all when my family heads off for weekend vacations where there are no dogs allowed, because I get to stay home and get love & attention from Mimi and her friends.  I didn't like kennels at all, and now I'm much more comfy staying at home.  So, now I get to go for walks, get petted, play with my toys, and eat my meals with a Never Home Alone Pet Sitter! (And I get to sleep on the couch and relax the rest of
the time.)  Thanks a lot Mimi!   

~Bailey, 5 year old Golden Retriever.  Appleton, WI

Thank You so much for taking such WONDERFUL care of our 3 babies while we were out of town. With a combined weight of almost 500 lbs. they are a handful, but you did a fabulous job! (My neighbors even commented on how sweet you were with them in the back yard) I look forward to using your service again :)

Mandy Kappell & Family, Appleton, WI

Never Home Alone Pet Sitter was recommended to us about 1 year ago and we have had Mimi and Bill take care of our 2 cats (Merle & Regis) several times since then.  They have done an outstanding job of taking good care of the "boys."  We were very pleased with the written daily reports of activities, the mail and newspaper pickup, and general security of our home.

It is apparent how much Mimi and Bill love pets.  This is obviously more than just a business for them.

We have recommended Mimi to our friends with pets and will do so again in the future.

~Nancy & Tom Brown, Neenah WI

Although I hate it when my parents leave me at home, I am really excited when Never Home Alone Pet Sitters come to take care of me.  They always give me so much attention, take me on walks, play my favorite games, rub my belly and give me yummy treats.   They are also really great with my feline siblings and make sure to give them some love too.  I love getting to stay at home where I am comfortable instead of going to the noisy kennel and I couldn't think of anyone better to take care of me than Mimi and her helpers from Never Home Alone Pet Sitters.

~Roxy, Boston Terrier
And her loving owners, Menasha WI

When we moved to Neenah over 4 years ago, we had to find someone to take care of our two dogs and two frogs. We didn't want to kennel our dogs because we thought that would be stress that we could prevent by having someone come to them, in their home instead. Since we didn't really know anyone, we thought we would give NHAPS a try. They did such a nice job, we have had them come everytime we are out of town since. They are always there when we need them. Thank you all at NHAPS!!

~Kelly W, Neenah WI

"Possibly one of a pet guardian's worst fears is the illness or injury
of their beloved companion animal during their absence. That is exactly
what happened to my dear old retriever mix, Selkie, while she was in the care of NHAPS. When Mimi and Bill observed Selkie's physical symptoms, they took immediate action, consulting Selkie's veterinarian and following instructions for her care. They kept me informed, and paid Selkie extra visits and extra special care. My confidence in the quality of their care was affirmed, and I recommend NHAPS without reservation."

~Tracy L. Oshkosh WI

“My cat has never liked strangers and the other pet sitters that I have used never even saw my cat during their visits as she would stay in hiding. Mimi must have gone out of her way to get my cat out of hiding, because now she comes running for attention when Mimi comes to visit. It is a great relief to know that not only does my cat have food, water, and a clean litter box while I’m away, but that she is also getting some personal attention. I would highly recommend Never Home Alone to anyone looking for a pet sitter that goes above and beyond.”

~Sandra Kokkonen, Shiocton, WI

During our week long annual family reunion Mimi stayed in our home and took care of our six dogs, four cats and four birds.

Not only was Mimi respectful of our home and a good caretaker of our plants, but she was warm, loving and thoughtful with all our dogs, cats and birds. She immediately found a way to identify with each and every animal, going so far as to leave recommendations (Very helpful ones) on how to help care for our aging crew when she left.

Mimi is calm, resourceful, responsible and, best of all, she's incredible with animals.

When we needed to reach her to check on things, she made herself available. If she had questions, she didn't hesitate to contact us.

We felt very safe and secure about how our animals would do in our absence, and, upon our return, we found the entire crew in fine spirits. (There is no question that Mimi has been the finest experience our dogs have had with pet sitters.)

My husband says "Not only is Mimi an amazing pet sitter, she's a great house sitter too." 

We don't have a single hesitation about recommending Mimi. She's just the best. 

--Anne Des Marais Vought, Fremont WI

I have known Mimi and her parents for at least 40 years. I trust her commitment to responsibilities and loyalty to her clients. I have used Mimi's pet sitting service for in-home care for my three greyhounds.

All my requests to care for my pets were completed to my satisfaction. I was pleased to see the progress report she left for me to read upon my
return home.

Mimi shows a genuine concern for my pets and respect for personal property in my home. I trust her completely with my pets and I'm sure my three greyhounds like Mimi as they welcome her visits with much enthusiasm.

Please consider Mimi's services for pet sitting as an assurance your pet will be comfortable while you are away.

-- Christine Sherrod, Appleton WI

"When I found out I was going to be mobilized by the military and sent to Iraq, I knew I had to find someone to care for my cat. I immediately thought of Mimi from "Never Home Alone." I knew Mimi would give Misha all the love and attention she needed and treat her like one of her own cats. The entire time I was gone, I knew my cat was in good hands and getting the best care possible and I did not have to worry at all. When Misha did need special attention, Mimi was right there for her when I could not. I will not hesitate to call Mimi at "Never Home Alone" for any future pet sitting needs I have.

--L. Hood, WI

Mimi Robertson of Never Home Alone Pet Sitters has walked my dog for the last 3 1/2 months.  Mimi has been so wonderful at taking care of my dog Casey and I truly do not know what I would do without her. 

I am a nurse and I sometimes work crazy hours.  Mimi has been so great at helping me with my diabetic pug, Casey.  Sometimes Mimi only walked Casey but many times, Mimi gave her insulin, fed her and took her out.  She also kept this great journal where she would write down everything about the visit.  It made me feel like I was right there.  She is so flexible about my last minute schedule changes.  Sometimes I would get called in earlier or asked to change shifts and Mimi always has readily agreed.  I always have been able to count on Mimi to be there for Casey.

Being diabetic, Casey has other medical problems also.  Mimi was so tuned into Casey and her needs, she often alerted me to behaviors that Casey exhibited that assisted in getting her the care she needed.  She knows dogs very well.   

I have felt so comfortable in leaving Casey's care in the hands of the always professional Mimi of Never Home Alone Pet Sitters.  I am very confident that Mimi will always make sure that Casey is happy and well taken care of.  She takes care of her like I would, and that is saying a lot because Casey is like my baby.

-Amy, Gabriel and Casey
Chicago, IL


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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of
one’s soul remains unawakened.”

~Anatole France

“We can judge the heart of a man by his
treatment of animals.”

~Imannual Kant